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I bought your paint, but it does not glow.  Am I doing something wrong?

Since our paints are phosphorecent, they need to be charged in order to glow.  The manner in which you charge the paint could be responsible for a lackluster or non-existent glow.  We recommend charging the paint with a black light.  If one is not available, use direct sunlight. Please note that if you use direct sunlight, the particles in the paint will begin to release their charge well before the sun goes down.  This is sometimes a reason for not having an ultra-bright glow when using this method to charge. Most any bright light source will work. For more information on light sources and charging, please visit the 'Technical Information' portion of our website.

 Do I need coated or non-coated powder?

Coated powder is for water based mediums. If your medium does not have water in it, then regular glow powder is what you need.

 Should I purchase solvent or water-based paint?

Solvent based paint is recommended for metal applications. If your application is not metal, then you will want the water based paint.

What is the mix ratio for powder to medium?

For phosphorescent powder your mix ratio is 1 part powder to 3 parts medium. 

 I Just received a text from GlowInc wanting to verify my information. What is this about?

Glow inc does not send text messages. If you are receiving a text, it is a phishing scam. Delete text immediately.

What happened to the Glow forum?

The glow forum is now being ran as a group called Glow Tips on Facebook. Here is the link,