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Glow Inc.

Flourescent Pigment (All Colors)


Date: 10/01/2017                                                                              Hazard Ratings:    Health - 1

                                                                                                         none->extreme      Fire - 1

                                                                                                            0---->4          Reactivity-0

1.Identification of the substance and information of the company

1.1 Product name:                  Dyed Polymer of Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin LX Series

1.2 Distributor:                       Glow Inc

1.3 EMERGENCY PHONE:        704-456-9462

2. Composition ans Information on the ingredients


Chemical Composition:            Polycondensation resin of melamine, paraformaldehyde, colored                                                                                  with synthetic dyestuffs.

                                                  Rhodamine F3B<2%, Rhodamine F%G<2%,

                                                  solvent yellow172<2%, no additives present

Hazardous components present in all colors:

<0.1%formaldehyde; C.A.S. NO.50-00-0; T,R23/24/25,R34,R40,R43

3. Hazardous  for health and environment


Health:                             Products are considered to be non-toxic. Formaldehyde may be released upon heating.

Environment:                   No specific hazards.

4. First aid measures


General advice:                Remove contaminated clothing

Eyes:                                 Flush with water while holding eye lid open. Consult a physician if irritation persists.  

Skin:                                  Wash with water and soap.

Inhalation:                        Remove to fresh air. Treat symptoms. Consult a physician after considerable exposure.

Ingestion:                         Rinse mouth. Do not induce vomiting. Consult a physician and empty stomach in                                                 cases of significant ingestion.

5. Fire fighting measures:

Suited extinguishing media:           Water, foam, co2

Unsuitable extinguishing media:     No specific restrictions

Special hazards:                               Finely divided dust may cause dust explosion. Fumes released on burning                                                           are toxic.

Special protective equipment for firefighters:    Clear area personnel. Wear self-breathing apparatus.

Special methods:                                No Specific information

6. Accidental release measures

Personal precautions:                       No special handling other than good hygienic practices an employed with                                                              any industrial chemical substance.

Environmental precautions:              Do not drain in the sewer

Method for clean-up:                          Sweep up with sand or any other absorbing material. Dispose as any                                                                   dust or dirt.

7. Handling and storage

Handling:                                           No special handling other than good hygienic practices an employed with                                                              any industrial chemical substance.

Fire and explosion precaution:          Avoid dust formation. Dust explosion may be ignited by sparks.

Storage:                                              Keep packaging well closed in a dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures.

8. Exposure control and personal protection

Personal protection equipment:

Inhalation:                                         Dust mask

Hands:                                               Gloves

Eyes:                                                   Safety glasses or goggles

Skin and body:                                   Closed clothing

Additional measures:                         Good hygienic practice as employed with any industrial chemical.   

9. Physical and chemical properties

Physical form:                                     Colored powder

Odor:                                                   Slight aldehyde odor

pH:                                                       7-10.5(5g/100c water with wetting agents)

Boiling point:                                       Not applicable

Melting point:                                      >120C(softening)

Flash point:                                           Not applicable

Auto-ignition temperature:                 >300C

Explosion limits:                                   p(max)=9bar;(dp/dt)max=775 bar/s;K9st)=210 bar.m/s

Explosion class:                                     St.2

Vapor pressure:                                   Not applicable

Specific weight:                                    1.36 g/ml

Bulking value:                                       0.4 kg/l (freshly ground)

Solubility in water:                               Not soluble

Viscosity:                                               Not applicable

Decomposition temperature:               >220c (decomposes slowly)

10. Stability and reactivity

Stability:                                                Product is stable

Conditions/materials to avoid:             Excessive dust in vicinity of sparks. Extreme heat and contact with                                                                      strong oxidizers.

Hazardous reactions:                            No hazardous reactions known

Hazardous decomposition products:    Fumes on burning contain oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur

11. Toxicity

Acute oral toxicity LD50:                      >5000 mg/k(rats)

Eye irritation:                                         Non irritating

Skin irritation:                                        Non irritating

12. Ecological information

Persistency and degradability:              Product is insoluble in water

Ecotoxicity effects:                                     Do not drain in sewer

13. Disposal conciderations

Products:                                                In accordance with local/national regulations

Packaging:                                              In accordance with local/national regulations

14. Transport information

UN-number:                                            Not applicable

Road transport ADR/RID:                      Free

Inland waterways ADR/ADNR:              Free

Maritime transport IMDG:                      Free

Air transport IATA/DGR:                        Free

15. Regulatory information

Risk and danger assessment according to 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC:

Product is NOT classified as hazardous substance/preparation.

Symbols:                                                  not applicable

R-phrases:                                                not applicable

S-phrases:                                                not applicable

All colors of the series are registered in following national inventories:



PR China

16. Other information

Color index:                                   There are no C.I number/classes assigned to this fluorescent pigment series.



The information contained herein is based on our present state of knowledge and experience. It does not reflect the needs of every situation, neither relates to the use in combination with any other material or in any process. Employers should use the given data as supplementary information, and should determine, independently the suitability of the product to assure proper use, safety and health requirements.