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Ultra Green V10 Glow in the Dark Powder (55-85 micron)


Ultra Green V10 Glow in the Dark Powder (55-85 micron)


Product Description

Ultra Green V10 (55-85m) Glow in the Dark Powder is the brightest glow in the  dark pigment readily available in the world.  Furthermore, it is far  brighter than similarly named products available on the Internet and 30 times  brighter than the zinc sulfide products often sold in retail stores. 

For the majority of manufacturing needs, V10 55-85m is the optimum choice.   For the rare occasion where V10 is not appropriate, we offer a variety of  high-end products to meet your requirements. 


For retail products, brightness is essential.  V10 55-85m has a  brightness rating of approximately 33,000 immediately after charge, 945 at 10 minutes, and 126 at 60 minutes.   It continues to be visible by the human eye more than 24 hours after the initial charge.

Two separate factors determine strontium aluminate pigment's brightness  level.  The first factor is grade and the second factor is particle size.   For green, there are 7 grades of strontium aluminate phosphorescent material  determined by chemical purity and bonding effectiveness.  The vast majority  of strontium aluminate pigment manufactured is grade 3-5.  V10 is grade 0,  which is literally the highest grade available.    It is rare to  find grade 0 pigment outside of Glow Inc.

The second factor is particle size.  Within a grade, a large particle  size is brighter.  As such, you ideally want to use the largest particles  that meet your needs. 

For a detailed look at our products and advanced info on grade and particle size, consider visiting our guide called Which Green.  All of our products can be recharged millions of times.  If properly  sealed, they will lose 5% of the glow over 10 years.  Brightness ratings above are measured in mcd/m2, as reported by an LS-100 instrument after a 10-minute charge from 1000lx.

Brightness Rating:  Very High (33000)
Duration:  Very Long (24+ hours)
Glow Color:  Green-Yellow
Daytime Color:  Very Light Green
Not compatible with water-based mediums
Grade 0, 55-85 micron
Brightest Glow Powder Sold Anywhere


All of our Ultra V10, Ultra, or Standard Green products are a lime green when  glowing in the dark.  In the light, the pigment is a very light green.   When mixed into a clear medium, the final product is translucent light green,  opacity being determined by pigment load and application thickness.  For  the most part, V10 paints blend in well with a white background such as a  ceiling.


V10 and our other green products not specifically marked coated are soluble  in water.  However, if they are dissolved in water, they will lose their glow.  Therefore, it is critical to keep the pigment in its non-dissolved particle form.

Therefore, V10 and our other non coated green products are compatible with almost all non-water based mediums, such as wax, oil, plastic, glass, rubber, clay, alcohols, and solvents.

It also compatible with water-based mediums where the water content is  absorbed fully by the other components.  For mediums with high water loads or acids, we offer a coated version of the V10 pigments.  However, we  strongly suggest that you first try the non-coated version.

Preferably, mediums should be void of ultraviolet filters and opaque pigments.

Note:  Some customers try to create a cheap glow in the dark paint by purchasing clear paint from a local source and the raw glow in the dark pigment from Glow Inc.  The majority of these customers end up frustrated.  If you need a glow in the dark paint, then we suggest that you purchase the premixed paints.


The raw glow pigment is: Alkaline Rare Earth Metal Silicate-Aluminate Oxide Europium Doped

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